All of our massage products are natural.


If you wish to enjoy a massage by professional and licensed masseurs you can contact us. If you are not staying at Es Pas Formentera Agrotourism, not to worry, you can we will go to your location: villa, yacht or hotel.

Our massage therapists are officially qualified and have years experience in physiotherapy.

There is an array of music to chose from, as well as incense scented candles, for the most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

We use 100% cotton sheets with your choice of fragrance (Talcum, fresh herbs or lavender)

There are different massage oil bases (sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil…) which we combine with essential oils that have different properties (arnica oil, maleluca, rosemary, Bach flowers…)



Therapeutic Massage. For those suffering from muscular problems or contractures

Sport Massage. To relieve excess stress due to physical exercise

Relaxing Massage. To relieve stress induced muscular problems using aromatherapy.

De Luxe Massage. 2 hour massage therapy to deeply treat contractures

Circulatory Massage.  Indicated for tired legs and varicose veins

Lymphatic drainage. Indicated for those suffering circulatory problems or for weight loss

Massage for Mothers-To-Be. A combination of circulatory and therapeutic back massage as well as sensitive anti stretch mark abdominal massage.

Child Massage. For children from 5 to 15 years, let your child enjoy a massage with chocolate essence oil.

 Anti stress massage