At Es Pas, your pet is also welcome...

We know how important it is to be able to travel with our pets. In order to make your stay and your pet's stay as pleasant as possible and not to cause any inconvenience to the rest of the guests, we invite you to read our pet admission conditions: HERE

We accept pets only in certain rooms, located at the back of the property. This is because they have their own entrance from a large courtyard and you don't have to go through the indoor communal areas to access them. These are: the quadruple Duplex suites, the Grand Suite and the Double Superior room. We don't accept pets in any of our double rooms.

Please consult us before booking if you are travelling with your pet.


Tina, Mana and Petit live in Es Pas.

Tina is a Podenco Andaluz dog with a very good character. She is a bit shy but loves cuddles, she likes calm dogs and ignores those who are nervous or hyperactive. Mana is a Golden Retriever puppy, she is very affectionate and is always happy to greet new guests.

Tina and Mana are free to roam around the property as it is their home, but they are very respectful of people and the spaces they are not supposed to be in. Only after breakfast, you can see them sunbathing on the porch.

Petit is a very friendly Arabian horse that will greet you when you enter Es Pas. He goes for daily walks and often visits his equine friends on the island, he is perfectly happy living in his paddock. He appreciates petting but at dinner time he may ignore you as he gets a bit nervous.

Please be aware that they live here and you are likely to meet them on the property. If you don't like dogs or horses, or have strong allergies, Es Pas may not be the right accommodation for you. 


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