If you wish to enjoy a massage by professional and licensed masseurs you can contact us. If you are not staying at Es Pas Formentera Agrotourism, not to worry, you can come here or we will go to your location: villa, yacht or hotel.

Our massage therapists are officially qualified and have years experience in physiotherapy.

Massages can be given either in your room or in our especially designated massage area, where you can enjoy the outside breeze .



Therapeutic Massage. For those suffering from muscular problems or contractures

An Mo. Chinese pressure massage

Sport Massage. To relieve excess stress due to physical exercise

Relaxing Massage. To relieve stress induced muscular problems using aromatherapy.

Circulatory Massage.  Indicated for tired legs and varicose veins

Lymphatic drainage. Indicated for those suffering circulatory problems or for weight loss

Anti stress massage